THE BENOS LAW FIRM, LLC is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional legal representation.  Our firm focuses on the practice of immigration law, helping clients find solutions to their immigration problems.  Our firm’s extensive litigation experience enables us to zealously represent our clients in removal proceedings before the Immigration Court, and our prior work for the government provides us with unique experience and insight into removal defense.  Our familiarity with the immigration laws further allows us to assist clients in many other types of immigration cases, such as affirmative asylum applications, family-based immigration petitions, and naturalization applications.

The Benos Law Firm, LLC has developed collaborative relationships with other outstanding immigration law firms throughout the State of Ohio and nationally in order to utilize both the geographical and specialization advantages of each participating firm.  This allows us to provide our clients with exceptional representation at a more affordable cost.  We also consult with immigrants and criminal defense attorneys regarding pending criminal proceedings, providing expert advice about the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.  Many years of working in the field of immigration law has allowed us to develop a depth and breadth of knowledge that we put to work for our clients, helping them to achieve the best possible legal results.

While the firm focuses on the practice of immigration law, we also have significant experience in other areas of law such as criminal defense, domestic relations, estate planning, civil litigation, and personal injury litigation.  We provide representation and/or referral in those areas of law as well.

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